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There Is Hope: 16 Innovations That Could Put An End To COVID

The future appears to be like brighter when you may look forward and see the top of the COVID pandemic.

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The finest antidote to nervousness is data.  Information-gathering launches problem-solving.  The finest antidote to despair is also discovering options to getting what you need.  For reduction from nervousness and despair provoked by the COVID pandemic subsequently, the next data and options hopefully will assist.

Most of the objects on the next encouraging checklist come from Jay McCrensky of the CCC—the COVID Control Consortium,—a bunch that assists firms in bringing to market progressive prevention and remedy options to COVID-19. Thank you, Jay!

[Please note that the claims made in this technology list are those of the individual companies and not of CCC or of this author.]

Prevention Of COVID Via Sanitation

Sanitation refers to COVID-killing merchandise that purify the air, disinfect surfaces, and sanitize materials for virus-free workplaces, colleges, and journey automobiles—taxis, buses, trains, and planes.. With virus-free air and surfaces, there isn’t a contagion.  

1. Saltwater Biocides and Clarentis Technologies use hypochlorous acid (HOCL) to sanitize air and disinfect surfaces in hospital and nursing dwelling affected person rooms, emergency rooms, dental workplaces, meat processing vegetation, colleges and extra.  Spraying their proprietary effective smoke-like mist makes air and surfaces virus-free.

2. Phoenix Technologies affords a patented scalable UV/ novel filtration system to maintain airborne viruses out of buildings.  Phoenix lately put in UV emitters into the HVAC system of the celebrated Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Phoenix additionally affords a singular long-lasting antimicrobial floor remedy that retains surfaces virus-free for over 6 weeks.

Prevention of COVID through Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protecting tools (PPE) refers to masks, uniforms, hand sanitizers, isolation chambers and sprays that shield each the wearer and close by people.

Three, CrownStar Bio produces a sprig that turns standard face masks right into a barrier that’s 99.9% deactivators of viruses.  This inexperienced product is made from pure components which are GRAS (usually accepted as secure by the FDA).  The builders particularly suggest its use by college kids to make their masks really protecting.

four. IXE Medica is commercializing its sanitary affected person isolation chamber, a tube that protects each the COVID affected person and everybody round them.  Its preliminary use in Mexico has been for ambulance transport.  Would be applicable additionally for hospitals and at-home isolation of contaminated people.

5. Phoenix Technologies has a patent on a promising superior organic gasoline masks/respirator using UV expertise. The firm additionally affords a full line of completely antimicrobial hospital materials, scrubs, lab coats, and mattress linens  Their anti-virus actions lasts even after 100 washings.

6. Sonnovia facemasks, accessible now through the net, kill all viruses that contact a masks.  They shield you from others’ breath and shield others from you if you ought to be carrying the virus.

Faster, Easier, and Less Expensive Screening and Testing

Screening now consists primarily of somebody taking temperatures on the doorways of shops. Testing requires an uncomfortable throat swab adopted by three days in a lab. The following progressive gadgets present extra speedy, cheaper, simpler, and extra correct mass screening and testing for colleges, workplace buildings, practice stations, airports, malls, factories, and sporting or cultural occasions. 

7.  Israeli Newsight Imaging, partnering with Sheba Medical Center outdoors of Tel Aviv, is in search of regulatory approval for a brand new saliva check that determines whether or not or not you might be contaminated with COVID-19.  The check entails rinsing your mouth with a saline wash then spitting right into a vial.  A small spectral machine shines mild on this specimen and analyses the response to see whether it is in step with COVID-19.  Each check prices lower than 25 cents; the machine will finally value lower than $200.  Results are clear in lower than one second.

eight. ANC Sensors has developed a Three-5 second biometric screening expertise that may determine people with Coronavirus signs inside 5 toes.  Their sensors measure not solely physique temperature, but additionally pulse/coronary heart price, respiration anomalies, chills and oxygen saturation and with this knowledge can rapidly spot the patterns attribute of COVID-19. The next-generation product will add sensors for chest palpations, liquid within the throat and lungs, glucose sodium, sweat, and crimson and white blood cell depend. Patients discovered to be constructive on this preliminary screening might be requested to endure an additional speedy diagnostic check.

9.  Researchers from India and Israel have been teaming as much as check a voice-based analytic virus check  

10. Nanose Medical, one other Israeli firm, has created a COVID breath check that makes use of nanotechnology to determine compounds which are current within the breath of coronavirus sufferers,.  In medical trials in Wuhan, China, this check successfully recognized COVID, distinguishing it even from different lung illnesses. Once the check gadgets, that are in regards to the measurement of a smartphone, are being commercially produced—hopefully inside roughly 6 months—they may value solely roughly $2 to $Three per individual.  The breath check might be quick, taking simply 2-Three seconds to manage and giving outcomes inside 30 seconds.  In addition, no staff want to the touch the affected person or deal with their pattern, which is nice each for effectivity and for hygiene.

New COVID therapies

11. Kvadro Biotech of Russia has recognized and patented a pressure of Streptococcus micro organism that stimulates T cell response.  Their staff of veterinary scientists and physicians has carried out in depth canine research and have discovered that the T cell response from this bacterial pressure eliminates viruses.  They are near approval in Russia as a veterinary remedy for canines. 

12. Respinova of Israel has developed a medical machine for COPD sufferers that has doubtlessly main purposes for Coronavirus. The machine pulses air into the lungs and thereby opens blocked airways, strengthening the lungs in addition to their capability to breath.  The machine might diminish the necessity for ventilators and the related dangers, saving lives.

13. InnBioTec Pharma of Florence Italy is about to begin human trials on their glutathione-based remedy for COVID sufferers.  The researchers believe that their bio-available type of the anti-oxidant and anti inflammatory glutathione might assist forestall or deal with interstitial lung syndrome

14.  Prof. Zvi Symon of the Radiation Oncology Department at Sheba Medical Center in Israel stories glorious ends in exams of treating Covid with low dose radiation remedy.  The protocol requires about 1/70th or 1/100th of the dose used to deal with most cancers.  Doctor Symon who has been administrating this new use of a long-established most cancers remedy beneath the compassionate use umbrella stories that “Patients who acquired radiation … received off oxygen and will breathe properly in three to 4 days, whereas sufferers that didn’t obtain the radiation took a mean 12 days after pneumonia,”  Dr. Symon added that the remedy must be given on the proper time—at first of acute signs, earlier than overwhelming multi-organ injury.

15, A Jerusalem-based firm is discovering that injecting sufferers with COVID antibodies can quickly reverse the course of the sickness.

16  A analysis staff led by Hebrew University of Jerusalem Prof. Yaakov Nahmias sand Dr. Benjamin tenOever at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center have discovered that the COVID virus prevents the routine burning of carbohydrates. As a outcome, massive quantities of fats accumulate inside lung cells, enabling the virus to breed.

With this data in hand, Nahmias and tenOever started to display screen FDA-approved medicines that intervene with the virus’ capability to breed. In lab research, the long-familiar cholesterol-lowering drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) confirmed extraordinarily promising outcomes.  In preliminary trials, inside 5 days of remedy, the virus nearly utterly disappeared,  If these findings are borne out by additional medical research, this course of remedy might doubtlessly downgrade Covid-19’s severity into nothing worse than a typical chilly.


Multiple international locations have joined the race to develop a COVID vaccine.  Much is within the information on this entrance nonetheless so I’ll depart that area to journalists.

Feeling inspired?  Less anxious or depressed about COVID-19?

The important query now could be how quickly these merchandise can full closing testing, be authorised by the FDA (for sanitation applied sciences by the EPA), funded for large-scale manufacturing, and delivered to market.

May the COVID pandemic quickly be defeated and COVID-related nervousness and despair quickly be gone!


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