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Professor examines the fifty shades phenomenon

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In a brand new examine, Meredith G. F. Worthen, professor of sociology on the University of Oklahoma, and Trenton M. Haltom (Ph.D. candidate, University of Nebraska and OU alumnus) examine how figuring out as a member of the leather-based group is said to attitudes towards ladies.

“Because of the widespread attention and misconceptions that came about along with the Fifty Shades books and films, we wanted to better understand the leather/BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission and sadomasochism) community, especially in regards to the treatment of women,” stated Worthen.

Specifically, they discover leather-based identification because it pertains to the help of legal guidelines and insurance policies serving to ladies, non-feminist identification, patriarchal gender norms and the stigmatization of lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LBTQ) ladies amongst each hetero and non-hetero (homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual) leathermen.

Overall, their findings indicated a strong relationship between these anti-woman views and leatherman identification that’s particularly pronounced amongst hetero leathermen and show the significance of continuous to contemplate how leather-based identification shapes misogyny amongst leathermen.

“The leather/BDSM community is often deviantized and marginalized, so it is important to better understand its inner workings, especially because there are so many false and sometimes dangerous perspectives out there,” stated Haltom. “More research is needed to better cultivate a culture of consent that can encourage the appropriate emotional and psychological pre-negotiations necessary in healthy BDSM relationships that may be newly forming as a result of interest in the Fifty Shades series.”

Worthen and Haltom use a nationally consultant pattern of U.S. grownup males ages 18-64 stratified by U.S. Census classes of age, race/ethnicity, and census area (N = 1474) and a subsample of leathermen (n = 65; 58% hetero-leather recognized and 42% non-hetero-leather recognized). The knowledge had been collected utilizing a Faculty Investment Program grant from the OU Vice President for Research that Worthen obtained in 2018.

To learn the complete examine in Deviant Behavior, go to:

Study explores ‘rainbow wave’ and identification gaps in LGBTQ liberal political views

More data:
Meredith G. F. Worthen et al, Fifty Shades of Leather and Misogyny: An Investigation of Anti-Woman Perspectives amongst Leathermen, Deviant Behavior (2020). DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2020.1762454

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Professor examines the fifty shades phenomenon (2020, May 12)
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