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Dry mouth at night time: Causes and coverings

Dry mouth at night time: Causes and coverings

The following are some potential causes of dry mouth at night time.

Natural variation in saliva manufacturing

According to an article within the journal Compendium, an individual’s salivary glands usually produce much less saliva at night time. As a outcome, some folks might discover that their mouths really feel drier within the night.


A health care provider might prescribe particular mouthwashes that may moisten the mouth and scale back sensations of dry mouth earlier than bedtime.

People must also take into account conserving a glass of water by their bedside. If an individual wakes up with a dry mouth, ingesting some water will assist moisten the mouth.


According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, an estimated 20% of older adults wrestle with dry mouth. In older adults, this situation normally happens because of dehydration or as a facet impact of sure medicines.

Older adults who put on dentures might discover that they now not match correctly because of dry mouth. Without enough saliva, dentures can rub in opposition to the gums, inflicting sore spots.


An individual who experiences dry mouth ought to go to their physician or dentist who will assist decide the reason for the situation.

If dry mouth is as a result of medicines an individual is taking, the physician or dentist might suggest altering the dosage or switching to a unique drug.

In some instances, folks might obtain medicines to enhance the perform of the salivary glands.

Medication negative effects

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services state that greater than 400 medicines can scale back the physique’s potential to provide saliva. People who take their medicines at nighttime might discover their dry mouth signs worsening at night time.

Some medicines that may trigger dry mouth embody:


An individual ought to see their physician if they believe that their treatment is inflicting dry mouth. However, folks mustn’t cease taking their medicines until they’ve their physician’s approval to take action.

A health care provider might counsel decreasing the dosage of the treatment or taking the drug earlier within the day. Sometimes, a health care provider might counsel altering to a unique medicine that doesn’t trigger dry mouth.

The physician can also suggest the next:

  • taking medicines with loads of water
  • sipping on water at nighttime
  • chewing on gum to encourage saliva manufacturing
  • utilizing a humidifier to launch moisture into the air and alleviate sensations of dry mouth

Mouth respiration

Some folks get up throughout the night time and spot that they’ve a particularly dry mouth. This could be a signal that they’ve been respiration by means of their mouth whereas asleep. Some attainable causes of this conduct embody:


The remedy for nighttime mouth respiration is dependent upon the underlying trigger. We define the potential causes and their related remedy choices under.


Antibiotics might help to deal with a bacterial infection, whereas decongestants might assist to alleviate any related sinus congestion.


Antihistamines might help to deal with allergy symptoms, whereas corticosteroids can also assist to alleviate any related nasal irritation and stuffiness.

Sleep apnea

People who expertise sleep apnea might require a steady optimistic airway stress (CPAP) system. The CPAP is a masks that matches over the mouth or nostril and blows air into the airways to maintain them open throughout sleep.

Although the remedy is efficient in opposition to sleep apnea, the fixed stream of air can really worsen signs of a dry mouth. An individual ought to speak to their physician or dentist who can modify the masks or suggest a machine that doesn’t dry out the mouth.

Narrowed nasal passages

In some instances, individuals who have extreme issue respiration by means of their nostril might require surgery to widen the nasal passages. This will assist to advertise airflow by means of the nasal passages, stopping the necessity for mouth respiration.

Sjogren’s syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune dysfunction during which the physique assaults its tear glands and saliva-producing glands. As a outcome, an individual who has Sjogren’s syndrome will usually expertise sensations of dry mouth. This symptom might worsen at nighttime when the salivary glands naturally produce much less saliva.

People with Sjogren’s syndrome might expertise the next signs because of dry mouth:

  • issue swallowing meals and not using a drink
  • ache within the mouth
  • speech issues at night time

They can also expertise dryness of their eyes, nostril, throat, or vagina.


Doctors might prescribe medicines to scale back dry mouth and encourage saliva manufacturing. Examples embody pilocarpine (Salagen) and cevimeline (Evoxac).

A health care provider can even encourage folks with Sjogren’s syndrome to drink water often, and chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva manufacturing.

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